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密歇根州立大学丹佛’s School of Hospitality is the only program in the U.S. that has a LEED Gold® hotel, a commercial conference space, a state-of-the-art beverage testing laboratory, a commercial restaurant, 和 a working brewery all on campus. Plus, we are the largest hospitality program in the region. We’ll provide you with an innovative education through experiential learning 和 real-world experience without burying you under a mountain of debt.

Come visit downtown 丹佛 和 tour our state-of-the-art facilities!

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Why 密歇根州立大学丹佛 School of Hospitality?

Event 和 Meeting Management students at 10th Anniversary eventDr. Smita Singh with her students in Advanced Planning 和 Risk Management at our 10th Anniversary celebration for the Hospitality Learning CenterSpringHill Suites 丹佛 Downtown!

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School of Hospitality

Located in the Hospitality Learning Center (HLC)

Address: 1190B Auraria Parkway Room 209

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School of Hospitality



丹佛, CO 80217-3362

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Phone: 303-615-1616

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