Welcome to the Office of the Provost/Executive Vice President for 学术事务 at Metropolitan State University of 丹佛, 大约17人的家,000 current students 和 well over 100,000名校友.

The Office of the Provost/EVPAA helps to create 和 support a relevant 和 engaging learning/teaching environment for 密歇根州立大学丹佛 students 和 faculty. 密歇根州立大学丹佛 seeks to facilitate access 和 to ensure success for our students through a student-centered curriculum 和 a highly qualified faculty, who are dedicated to excellence in teaching, 学术活动, 和服务. 密歇根州立大学丹佛 provides a supportive learning atmosphere for students to pursue their studies, with rich opportunities for interaction with their peers 和 with their faculty. Students engage in active learning appropriate to their discipline; in doing so, they participate in the exciting process of discovery, 和 have a chance to learn in experiential 和 cooperative settings across traditional academic disciplinary boundaries.

结果是, 密歇根州立大学丹佛’s graduates are well prepared to enter the world of work in a variety of careers, or to pursue post-baccalaureate study leading to advanced academic 和 professional degrees 和 credentials. Our graduates have learned to communicate effectively – in writing, 通过公开演讲, 和 by learning to listen carefully; our graduates also know how to analyze complex problems, to think creatively 和 critically, 和 to work collaboratively to achieve common goals; they have learned to master information literacy 和 new technologies that will help them meet the challenges of the rapidly changing future 和 for life in our globally interdependent 21st Century society.

The Provost works collaboratively with the Senior Leadership Team, including six Deans (College of Aerospace, Computing 和 Engineering 和 Design; 商学院; College of Letters, 艺术 & Sciences; College of Health 和 Human Sciences; 教育学院; 和 酒店管理学院); 和 five Associate Vice Presidents who oversee Academic Effectiveness, Curriculum 和 Policy Development; Faculty Affairs; Innovative 和 Lifelong Learning; 研究生 Studies; 和 本科 Studies. We offer our academic programs in a variety of modalities 和 venues: on campus, 在线, 在校外的几个地点, 和, in partnership with the Colorado Community College System, on select Community College Campuses. Collectively, 学术事务:

  • Promotes excellence in student learning 和 faculty teaching;
  • 支持s diverse professional development activities for faculty;
  • Actively encourages 和 supports the faculty 和 staff in the development of grant initiatives;
  • Investigates 和 exp和s international education opportunities;
  • Successfully responds to accreditation requirements, 状态绩效指标, 和 state or national licensure st和ards for academic programs as needed;
  • Effectively utilizes resources, 包括教员和空间, 满足学生的需求, 他们的职业目标, 和 the University’s role 和 mission; 和
  • 继续检讨, assess 和 improve curriculum to meet the needs of the students including general studies, 专业, 未成年人, certificates 和 licensure programs.

Provost 和 Executive Vice President for 学术事务


8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.,星期一至星期五


(303) 615-1900


Jordan Student Success Building, Office 330


P.O. Box 173362, Campus Box 48, CO 80217


890 Auraria Parkway, 丹佛, CO 80204